Thank you so much for believing and supporting us and our film! Our hearts are full from criss-crossing America and beyond… From Nashville to Miami Beach, Toronto to Honolulu, San Francisco to New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Virginia, Port Townsend, WA, Nassau, Bahamas, Sag Harbor and Havana, Cuba!  Each place, each person we've spoken to, each memory we hold dear.   You make our continued outreach and work possible.


Peace, Love and Light in 2014!




Special thanks – in alphabetical order:

Adam Kantor

Andreas Carlsson

Anna Sullivan Bright

Audrey M. Ciancutti


Betsy Perez

Blair Garner & Eric Heany

Bob Ezrin

C. Winston Simone


Chris Faulk

Curtis Shaw

David Collis & Deborah Mulvihill Collis

David Ross

Davitt Sigerson

Debra Ohanian

Denise Chambul

Derek Bishop

Diana Grasselli

Donna Murphy

Doug Davis

Eric Vetro

Evan Lamberg

Fletcher Foster

Gaia Liotta

Gerson Germano

Greenie Films

Gretchen Halpert


Howard Benson

Jarret Winters Morley

Jodi Marr

Jodie Markell

Joe Jaffa

Johannes Shult

John Marfy

Jordan Shaw

Joseph E. Oates

Juan Emilio Galano

Julie ShawJyl Klein

Karl Halpert

Lisa Fitzgibbons Charney

Lisa Roberts

Lyn McCullough

Maria Asuncion Myers

Marsha Bennett

Melanie Galuten

Melody Leeds

Michelle Memran

Myrian Valle

Nathan Malki

Neal Coomer

Ofek Haton

Ognian Dimitrov

Randy Federgreen & Larry Wiesler

Ruta Sepetys

Sandra Seacat

Scott Stodyk

Susan Compton

Susan Pinkwater

Suzanne Brogger

Ted Crockett

Theresa Dileo

Tony Dunkin Hung

Victoria Shaw

Wayne & Esther Fink

Wooster Collective

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