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“It's inspiring to see a film that shows what love truly means.”


- Morgan Spurlock

“A feel-good documentary, and you will leave it believing in humanity again.”


- Danita Steinberg

Toronto Film Scene

“A captivating love story that transcends through politics, traditional family structures and other restrictions.”


- The Baby Spot

“Beautiful story of family…political and artistic and lovely and a contemporary love story of how families are formed in 2013.”


- Paula Schuck

Thrifty Mammas


"It is an important doc... a beautiful story... the Child family is one America should know!"​


- Rosie O'Donnell

“All but the fiercely close-minded will embrace this warm tribute to an unconventional but loving family… the film does a shrewd job of exploding the idea that there is such a thing as a “normal” family. Director Winters earned the trust of all the participants, and her sensitivity produces an enlightening and heartening look at the new normal in childrearing.”


- Stephen Farber

The Hollywood Reporter

“A compelling story of modern family love.”


- Jim Meyers

Nashville Scene

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